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Sit back and relax and let us begin
 Xp/Sp: x20     (x30 with VIP) - Free 12 hour VIP by Voting or buy 1 month VIP with Donation.
 Adena: x6     (x9 with VIP)
 Drops: x6     (x9 with VIP)
 Spoils: x6     (x9 with VIP)
 Quests: x3    
 Epic Jewel Drop: x1    
 Party Xp/Sp: normal
 Safe Enchant: +3.
 Maximum Enchant: +18.
 Scrolls (Fighter Weapons): From +4 To +15 success rate is 70%.   And From +16 To +18 success rate is 35%.
 Scrolls (Mage Weapons): From +4 To +15 success rate is 40%.   And From +16 To +18 success rate is 20%.
 Scrolls (Armor): From +4 to +18 the success rate is 66%.
 Blessed Scrolls (Weapon): Same succes rate as regular enchant but if it fails it remains the same value and does not go to zero.
 Blessed Scrolls (Armor): Same succes rate as regular enchant but if it fails it remains the same value and does not go to zero.
 Crystal Scrolls (Weapon/Armor): Currently N/A.  Possibility to be available in the future.
 Giran Castle Town (Main Town).
 GM Shop:  Up to B Grade and also includes Olympiad Epics (for Oly only).
 Global Gatekeeper in all towns:  direct teleport to raidbosses, catacombs, towns and more...
 NPC Buffer with all the important buffs: 2h duration on all buffs, dances, songs, summon, prophecies.
 Anti-buff protection: Toggle on/off with left click.
 Cancel Buffs: Cancel buffs by double left clicking on the individual buffs that you want to cancel.
 Mana Potions: Reuse time is 10s and it's 500 mana per potion
 Buff slots: 20 + 4.
 No weight limit.
  D,C,B,A,S Grade Limit applies.
 Inventory slots: for normal races is 250 and for Dwarfs is 290.
 Private Store: sell limit increased to 6 items for all classes.
 Merchant and Blacksmith of Mammon: are located in Giran
 Offline shop: Duration 7 days before being kicked.
 View Drops: Shift + Left click on monsters to see the droplist.
 Auto Loot.
 Auto Learn Skills.
*Double-click the Adena  to convert it into Gold Bar  (The conversion rate 500.000.000 > 1)
*Double-click Gold Bar  to receive Adena 
 Raid Boss Manager: that shows Dead, Alive or spawn time info.
 Stackable items: enchant scrolls, life stones, book of giants and other books.
  In Obelisk of Victory: Outside of Talking Island.
  Flag Zone: If you are 61+ Level you automatically get flagged when you enter pvp zone (Obelisk of Victory)..
  1st Class Transfer - 20,000 adena (NO QUEST).
  2nd Class Transfer - 200,000 adena (NO QUEST).
  3rd Class Transfer - Quest is needed (QUEST or DONATE)
  Sub-Class - Pure Silver in Voter Shop (QUEST or DONATE)(See Donate Section in GM SHOP) ALL Must Kill Barakiel
  Noblesse - Lunargent and Hellfire Oil are in GM shop (in Vote Reward) and No need to stab baium (Red Pipette Knife in GM shop for Free in Quest section) (QUEST OR DONATE)See Donate Section in GM SHOP
 Live Olympiad Ranking Leaderboard: Scores are updated every 5 minutes and they are visible in the Community Board.
 Olympiad Competition period [1] week.    Olympiad is Monday - Sunday 24 Hours with 1 Hour Validation Period.
 Olympiad start time (00:00) end (23:59)
 Weapon and Armor Enchants are capped to +6 inside Olympiad. Enchanted items above +6 will work normal outside of Olympiad. Character status will still show increased stats based on your enchant but when you do damage to an enemy inside the Olympiad Arena the damage will be based on a +6 weapon/armor.
  Boss Jewels for Olympiad only: Cannot be used outside of Olympiad. Same exact stats/effects and m.def as real Epics but are equal to +6. They are shadow items that expire after using them. Cannot be enchanted, sold, dropped, or traded. You can purchase them from GM shop.
 ALL NORMAL RAIDS: Time: 10h + 2h random.
 Queen Ant: (Level 78) Time: 24h + 2h random.
 Zaken: (Level 78) Time: 48h + 2h random.
 Frintezza: (Direct Teleport and NO QUEST) Time: 48h + 2h random.
 Baium: Time: 124h + 2h random.
 Antharas: Time: 196h + 2h random.
 Valakas: (Direct Teleport to Klein) Time: 268h + 2h random.
 If a player disconnects inside an epic zone they will have 5 minutes to return. On 3rd disconnect the player gets kicked.
 TeamVsTeam: (01:00) (04:00) (07:00) (10:00) (13:00) (16:00) (19:00) (22:00).
 CaptureTheFlag: (02:00) (05:00) (08:00) (11:00) 14:00) 17:00) (20:00) (23:00).
 DeathMatch: (03:00) (06:00) (09:00) (12:00) (15:00) (18:00) (21:00) (24:00).
 1v1,2v2,3v3: (01:30) (03:30) (05:30) (07:30) (09:30) (11:30) (13:30) (15:30) (17:30) (19:30) (21:30) (23:30).
  Active PLayers:  Every 20 minutes online you get 1 Event Medal no matter where you are and x2 Event Medals in PvP Zone.
  Active Players in PvP Zone: Every 20 minutes online in PVP ZONE you get 2 Event Medals Total.
  AFK Players: If you are AFK 5 mins the reward timer will pause and resume when you return.
  Disconnects: If you disconnect you will have 10 minutes to return so you don't lose your active time.
  Example: If you have been active 19 minutes and you disconnect and if you return after 9 mins you will get reward 1 min later
  TvT,Capture The Flag and Death Match: All give Event Medals for rewards.
  1v1, 2v2, 3v3 Tournaments: 1 Event Medal Entry Fee and 2 Event Medal Reward for winning.
  Check Out GM SHOP: Exchange Event Medals for Rewards in GM SHOP (in Event section).

  Vote For us every 12 hours:  Support our Server to get rewards.
  Voter Coins:  Not Tradable! Get Voter Coins by voting in websites. The links are available in our website.
  Claim Voter Coins: After voting successfully then go to Vote Manager and click on each link to get Voter Coins
  Use Voter Coins in GM SHOP: Go to GM SHOP and click Vote Reward and you can see available items.
  VIP: Free 12 Hour VIP available with Voter Coins.
  Augment Weapon: Buy Passive and Active Augment on Weapon with Voter Coins through Augment Manager.

  COL:  Donate to get Coin of Luck (COL).It is our Donation Currency
  More Info Later:  

 Augmented Weapons are TRADEABLE
 NORMAL GRADE LIFE STONES: The chance of getting skill from Normal Life Stone - 1%.
 MID GRADE LIFE STONES: The chance of getting skill from Mid Life Stone - 2%.
 HIGH GRADE LIFE STONES: The chance of getting skill from High Life Stone - 5%.
 TOP GRADE LIFE SONTES: The chance of getting skill from Top Life Stone - 10%.
  .acp (auto potions menu).
  .xpon .xpoff (enable or disable xp).
  .join/leave (For use in events).

   Anti-Buff:  (Left click to Toggle on/off).
   Auto Potions:  (Right click to Toggle on/off).